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Are you tired of looking for a job and not coming further in the process? Then our personality test can help you! Most of the companies use it as a complement in the recruitment process to get a deeper understanding of your personality. An early test together with your job application provides a more accurate picture of yourself and increases your chances of getting selected. Take the test now and improve your odds!

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How does it work?

The test is based on the Five Factor Model, which is the most meaningful personality model, developed in recent decades by e.g. psychology researchers Paul Costa and Robert McCrae. This model is the most recognized in personality research and the most stable model to describe a person's personality.

What is a personality?

A characteristic pattern of thoughts, feelings and unique behaviors. One can also assume that personality is something that defines us as people through life. When we work with people, it is therefore interesting to know how the person reasons in different situations and if their philosophy rhymes well with the corporate culture. A personality test can be an important piece of the puzzle in an overall picture of the candidate - and a more honest one picture of yourself as an applicant.

About the Five Factor Model

The model assesses a personality according to the following five dimensions and opposites:

Neurotic trait - Emotionally stability: How emotionally stable the person in question is and how high the tendency for anxiety and stress sensitivity is

Extraversion - Intraversion: The propensity to experience joy, to be optimistic and to radiate energy. The polar opposite is introversion, which is characterized by less need for example to be the center of attention.

Openness: How interested the person is in new ideas, activities and values versus conservative, conventional thinking

Agreeableness: Shows a person's helpfulness, willingness to cooperate and compassion for others

Conscientiousness - Easyness: How thorough, goal-oriented, disciplined and orderly the person is


Why should I do a personality test?
A job ad can generate hundreds of applications. To stand out, an appealing presentation is required. A good CV with a cover letter can show competence, but personality is just as important in the assessment. By applying with a test early in the process, an overall picture of you as an applicant can increase the chances of getting an interview.
How reliable is the test?
Validity and reliability are important factors to assess the reliability of a test. Validity is about measuring correctly things and reliability if the test is measured correctly. Often the selection is about future work performance and which candidate who has the best conditions to handle one certain situation. Here, the Five Factor Model can predict results with some precision, but looking at personality and human behavior in the organization can it give a much better predictor.

What will the test show?
The results show various personality traits such as social skills, ability to work together, orderliness, resilience to stress, openness to new ideas and how the person ranks on those scales.
What can the test be used for?
It can be used as an attractive complement to your application and be the basis for further discussion in the interview as well as in the decision-making process.

What if I am on the wrong side of the scale?
There are no right or wrong answers, rather the test shows in which environment the person feels and performs best. The role description determines which personality traits are most suitable and can strengthen a team.
How is the test assessed?
The test is a scientifically based measuring instrument that assesses the answers on a scale with two extremes in five different personality dimensions.Together, the answers form the basis of a personality.

What happens after the test is done?
The result is displayed immediately and is also sent as a report to the registered email address. The report can then be shared with employers or recruiters.

What are soft skills?
So-called soft skills refer to non-technical qualities such as social competence, ability to work together and manage and much more. In a recruitment process, these skills are put together with the hard/technical skills to get a complete picture.

How does the test differ from other tests on the market?
There are many many players and different types of tests on the market. Tests that divide personality traits into different groups (eg red, green, yellow, blue) do not take into account the scale between two extremes. The risk is that you see the candidate as only "blue" and miss other qualities that are highly relevant to the position. Tests based on Big Five modell identify characteristics on a scale and provide a personality profile rather than a personality type.

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